Social Cognition Therapy

You can learn a lot from just watching.
— Yogi Berra

I work with clients to address specific social challenges that stand in the way of achieving goals. My approach is highly individualized, and derived from several different disciplines. I use many of the techniques associated with Social Thinking,™ as well as the visual thinking strategies outlined in Neuro-Semantic Language Learning Theory

My goal is to facilitate learning of social concepts by helping individuals learn how to think in a new way about the specific dynamics of the social space, whether it be at home, in public, in relationships, or at work. By breaking down unwritten social rules into understandable pieces, clients can more readily adjust their behavior to meet the social expectations of others, and thus more easily find success in social situations.

Examples of situations that can benefit from Social Cognition Therapy:

  • The same social problems are happening over and over despite your best efforts to get along with others, or to 'get the job done'
  • Maintaining conversations with others seems difficult or boring
  • Repeated struggles accomplishing certain tasks or chores in the home or school environment
  • Repeated struggles finding friends and maintaining relationships
  • Frequent emotional outbursts in situations that are frustrating or maddening
  • Despite consistently doing well with required job duties, a long history of negative performance appraisals or repeated periods of unemployment
  • Feeling constantly confused and/or overwhelmed by things that other people seem to "know" intuitively
  • Group projects at school or work are consistently difficult to manage
  • Being told that you lack empathy or "just don't understand anyone else's point of view"
  • Changes in the schedule or environment are highly disturbing and can lead to conflict